Out on the town

Muse Bistro

A brunch to inspire the artist in you. It feels gooood to be back. Between both of us starting new jobs in the last few months, making some difficult personal decisions regarding the future, preparing for a big move, and Texas freezing over last month, things have been hectic in the Fizz & Fork universe,Continue reading “Muse Bistro”

North Italia

The North of Italy in the South of Texas Wow, we’re back. While right now it’s sunny and 75 degrees outside, that was very much not the case a week ago, and we’ve never been more grateful to be safe and sound. Our winter wonderland quickly became a nightmare and we sincerely hope you areContinue reading “North Italia”

Café Poêtes

Paris in Texas (but don’t get it confused with Paris, Texas!) January is finally over, huzzah! In the middle of what seemed like the longest month to date, it was easy to forget about some of the good things coming our way. Plus, we were kind of busy eating donuts and more donuts. But alas,Continue reading “Café Poêtes”

Gates Donut Shop

Welcome to Corpus Christi’s favorite donut. Open the gates, everybody! It’s time to visit Gates Donut Shop in Mindy’s hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas. We’re taking a bit of a detour today by not covering a full-service restaurant, but we felt the best way to introduce our first coverage of the Corpus Christi area wasContinue reading “Gates Donut Shop”

MAD Houston

We went mad for MAD. Welcome back, fizzies! (Can we call you that? It felt better than forkies or forkers, but to each their own.) We are so grateful for the time we got to spend soaking in the holidays with our loved ones and eating our favorite recipes (link), but also so excited toContinue reading “MAD Houston”

Eggnog Taste Test

‘Tis the season for Christmas trees, Rudolph, the movie Elf, gingerbread houses, garland, and…eggnog. Those two little words invoke a strong reaction in most people. For some, it’s adoration. For others, it’s closer to disgust. Us, you ask? One of us has the former reaction, one the latter. We’ll let you guess who has which…Continue reading “Eggnog Taste Test”

Present Company

The Devil and all three Sanderson sisters walk into a bar…and call it Present Company. Look, we know Halloween is “over,” but our joint desire to wear a costume for any occasion, drink over-the-top themed cocktails, and watch the “it’s freakin’ bats” Vine? Never. Letting. It. Go.  Luckily for us, Present Company, a 21+ onlyContinue reading “Present Company”

MAX’s Wine Dive

Dive into your day with brunch at MAX’s Wine Dive We have been so excited to share this week’s restaurant with you because it also means we get to share our favorite meal with you—BRUNCH. Not to go on too much of a tangent, but brunch, in our opinion, is the quintessential mealtime. It’s notContinue reading “MAX’s Wine Dive”


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