Out of the kitchen

Pork Gyoza

Here we gyoz-again. In our last post, while discussing the most rockin’ sushi rolls around Corpus Christi, we also mentioned our order of deep-fried pork gyoza. Curious about what goes into the Japanese dumpling-making process, we decided to do some research of our own and headed out to the store. The Process For the mostContinue reading “Pork Gyoza”

Brunch Boards & a Bonus

Charcuterie, meet brunch. Grown-up Lunchables. Let’s all face it, that’s all a charcuterie board is. That’s all it is and yet, and YET. We adore it. Charcuterie boards get the best of the whole universe because, by definition, they aren’t limited to one flavor palette. They are ideal for anyone who loves the concept ofContinue reading “Brunch Boards & a Bonus”

Corpus Christi Southside Farmers’ Market + A Fun Playlist

Homegrown on the coast. Today’s post is a little different than our usual restaurant/recipe succession, but we promise it’s for good reason! A few good reasons, actually. The first of those reasons is that the ingredients for the recipe we’ll be revealing next week, inspired by Muse Bistro (can you guess it?), was partially sourcedContinue reading “Corpus Christi Southside Farmers’ Market + A Fun Playlist”

Strawberry Basil Mules

From Moscow to Texas, this fruity mule is a winner. Remember how we said we were mesmerized by the basil-infused ice cube in our Fresa Gin Tonic from MAD Houston? We weren’t joking. That one seaweed-colored cube, arguably one of the least-significant aspects of the evening we spent at MAD, was the spark for thisContinue reading “Strawberry Basil Mules”

Holiday Favorites (Nutella and Orange Puff Pastry & Mary Rose’s Hershey Bar Pie)

A chocolate lovers’ holiday: Nutella and Orange Puff Pastry and Mary Rose’s Hershey Bar Pie Traditions are a prominent part of the holiday season. They’re that little sparkle of magic that signals, “Oh, yes. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.” Some families hide a pickle in their Christmas tree, some wearContinue reading “Holiday Favorites (Nutella and Orange Puff Pastry & Mary Rose’s Hershey Bar Pie)”


Holy Pierogi! It’s time for us to make a confession–our choice of cuisine when we visited the Texas Renaissance Festival last week was not entirely random. I know, I know. While it’s true that we both love Polish food, that wasn’t the only reason we chose Polonia. For anybody who doesn’t know, Catherine’s last nameContinue reading “Pierogi”


Classic and trendy in one brunch-friendly bundle As you know from last week’s post, we believe that an absolutely crucial part of any brunch worth going to is the drink you pair it with! So this week, we decided to lean into the “fizz” part of our name with our first cocktail recipe, a trendyContinue reading “Clawmosas”

Olive Oil Cake with Balsamic Glazed Strawberries, Ricotta, and Cornmeal

Complicated name for an uncomplicated delicacy Last week, we raved about Sixty Vines’ Texas Olive Oil Citrus Cake. The cake itself was light and not too sweet, a departure from the rich density associated with traditional cake. They served theirs with a mascarpone that added a touch of sweetness the citrus-focused creation might have otherwiseContinue reading “Olive Oil Cake with Balsamic Glazed Strawberries, Ricotta, and Cornmeal”