fizz & fork is made up of two Texan girls in search of the best provisions and libations for out on the town or out of your own kitchen.

At fizz & fork, we take a split approach—half the time, you can expect restaurant recommendations and reviews, and the other half of the time, we’ll be making recipes inspired by those very restaurants.

New posts every Wednesday!

About the foodies


Hello there! My name is Catherine, and I am ½ of fizz & fork! I am a native Houstonian, elementary teacher, photographer, and extreme foodie. My love for photography started as soon as I was able to hold a camera in my hands, and when I was a junior in high school, I began my own small business, Catherine Grace Photography. I have been growing my portfolio ever since! Some of my favorite things to photograph are people, nature, and of course, food. I’ve been a huge foodie my entire life, and am always in search of the tastiest recipes and restaurants to try! My favorite person to do this with, of course, is Mindy! Years ago, we started a list of restaurants we wanted to try and recipes we wanted to make, and have been building on it ever since. One day we decided, why not create a blog to showcase all of this stuff? And thus, fizz & fork was born!   


Howdy! I’m Mindy, and I’m the fizz to Catherine’s fork (or am I the fork to her fizz?). I’m from Corpus Christi, Texas, and I’m a writer, a freelance digital marketing consultant, an Oxford comma advocate, and an obsessive coffee drinker. When I moved to Houston for college, I discovered the city primarily by spending countless hours studying or writing in the myriad of coffee shops it has sprinkled through every neighborhood. I found that food and drink are some of the best ways to get to know the personality and spirit of a place. College also taught me that cooking is some of the best stress relief out there. This blog felt like the natural next step to the restaurant and recipe list Catherine and I started when we first met, and I’m so excited to share it!