Thanksgiving Brunch & Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

All hail the pumpkin king! 

The folks over at Present Company knew what they were doing when they crafted the Pumpkin King Shot, because when it comes to fall and Thanksgiving, pumpkin really is king. In case you hadn’t noticed, come September pumpkins start to slowly seep into the stores, the restaurants, the collective consciousness…We, for one, aren’t mad about it. 

Today we’re going to lead you through the recipe that was inspired by Present Company’s Pumpkin King Shot as usual. We got this week’s Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll recipe from Ambitious Kitchen if you want to try it yourself!

However, it’s also Thanksgiving next week—basically, a food blogger’s holy grail! A few weeks back, we asked on Instagram @fizz.and.fork what content you all were interested in seeing over the holiday season, and one reader (Hi, Natalia!) suggested ideas for a Thanksgiving brunch. In response, our “When Should You Make This Recipe” section this week is dedicated to all things Thanksgiving, but for brunch. We’ve crafted a menu that includes drinks, savory, and sweet items, and we would love to see all of your Thanksgiving brunch spreads!

Before we get into that, though, the pumpkin cinnamon rolls:

The Process

The dough for these cinnamon rolls was easy to form, but here are a couple notes about the dough that might be helpful in your own attempt! For one, if you (like us) always forget to take out the eggs beforehand, run your cold eggs under warm water for a minute or so and they’ll warm right up to room temperature. When it’s time for the yeast, make sure you get the milk to the correct temperature (110°F) or the dough will not rise correctly. When you’re kneading, it’s normal for the dough to try to climb up the hook while it’s being kneaded. Just make sure to push it back down every so often. Once it’s done, though, this dough smells absolutely heavenly.

One quick note on making the glaze, it’s important for both the butter and the cream cheese to be at room temperature before they’re blended together to avoid clumpy icing!

The Results

Y’all. These are so much more flavorful than a plain cinnamon roll. We’re not sure how that’s even possible, but the pumpkin pie spice mixed into the dough really does make all the difference. We didn’t think that adding the maple syrup into the glaze would make much of a difference taste-wise, but it really really does. The glaze is absolutely what makes these cinnamon rolls. We added a dash of candied pecans on top for a little extra oomph, and it added a bit of crunch alongside the doughiness of the cinnamon rolls.

We can also attest that these taste equally as good the second day, so don’t be afraid to make a whole panful, even if it’s just for you 😉

Isn’t that maple glaze absolutely dreamy?

What should you know before you make these pumpkin cinnamon rolls?

  • We highly recommend you use bread flour for this recipe over all-purpose. The bread flour will give the rolls more height and make them more light and airy.
  • These cinnamon rolls, while more than worth it, are going to take up a significant amount of time, so here’s a quick tip. If you want them to be ready early in the morning, follow the recipe up until you are supposed to put them in the oven. Instead, leave them cut and ready to go overnight in the fridge. In the morning, transfer them to your preheated oven and they’ll be ready in 20-25 minutes!

When should you make these pumpkin cinnamon rolls?

The moment we’ve all been waiting for—our curated Thanksgiving brunch menu! We tried to incorporate classic brunch menu items with all the flavors and ingredients of the holiday. Each item is linked to the corresponding recipe. Here are our suggestions for an at-home brunch that will make you extra grateful this year.

The Fizz

  • Not to toot our own horn too much, but Clawmosas are the perfect easy cocktail for Thanksgiving brunch. They’re elevated without requiring anything more than a stop at the store and a good shake.
  • If you’re not into seltzers, a cranberry-juice mimosa will add the perfect Thanksgiving flair!

The Savory

The Sweet

And that concludes our first ever curated holiday menu! What are your Thanksgiving plans—a big dinner with family, or a brunch with friends? Why not both! Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone! This year, we’re grateful for you!

We’re also grateful for pumpkin cinnamon rolls


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    Very yummy 😋


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